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My Reiki path…
Random steps and thoughts before becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and beyond.
These are personal thoughts, of course not that personal for your own welfare, in case you freak out- thoughts and ideas without any editing!
Is written from the bottom of my heart and thoughts with the purpose to reflecting me as a human, a living breathing beautiful creation experiencing life.
I know that might have some jujments because it’s in our human nature but I would appreciate if there are genuine, respectful, creative constructive comments that can add to my thoughts.
I was guided by my Reiki Guide and inspired by a movie that I saw a week ago; named Julie and Julia, beautiful but I will not go in to details about the movie, part from the point, that one of the main actress decided to create a blog regards cooking. Aaa and by the way, it is a true story and to be more precise are two true life stories. And yes, back to me; So, I decide to create something like a diary, about my life in general (not intimate moments, just in case), but mainly about my journey with the beautiful and loving gift of Reiki. As I am not use to that kind of “communication” I will take it easy without forcing to write every so often because I have to. Psychologically I am giving my self space without putting pressure to do something; so, by letting my self free doing what it wants to do and by allowing to make mistakes, subconsciously I make my self flexible and of course the master key to open that is the thirst to do so. Ok, enough with Psychology, which I adore, but personally, the “flexibility mind set” (just create a name for it!), I use for the last couple of years and works for me, by helping me to stop smoking, reduce drinking, start sports and so on.
Feeling blues?
If you feel down and feeling sorry for your self and your energy levels as well as your confidence is low I will highly recommend few things to do, on your own! (Alcohol- drugs- junk food, NO, no way, as all that can do is that they will keep you temporally out of the real world and they will just prolong your procedure of feeling better). 1) Go out and do some sports- it’s a great way to unwind, whatever you might do; cycling, running, swimming etc. If you are not in to sports that is fine, just go at the seafront or in a park and do some walking, use your legs, let the air stroke your face, let the rain or sun to feel your skin, observe the nature, the people, be aware of everything around you; take few minutes and appreciate!! 2) Read few inspirational quotes- there are a lot of websites that you can visit, they will uplift your spirit, 3) Cook something- something with lots of love putting in to, something nice, fresh and colourful which will help you to raise your body’s vibrations. And 4) if you are in to yoga, meditation, Reiki or any other, that will definitely help. I know I said three things of making you feel better, but the last one is a bonus, the cherry on the top.
Being in love.
Once Theodore Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as “Dr Seuss” said that: “ When you are in love and you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”
I read a lot of different quotes to put in to my website and that is why I know a few, which time to time I will share with you.
I am using this quote because I am in love; I am in love with my life, with the progression of my self as a human being, living, working, thinking and walking on this beautiful planet, now! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW! My body’s vibrations are increasing by any of the thoughts that I made. Why? Because I am happy. I just had a beautiful idea of making a film! And only with the idea of it I can’t stop smiling; beautiful. I can feel Gata(my cat) looking at me and thinking that I have lost the plot (again) completely; that just took a minute or two as she continue “cleaning” her self! Bless her.
So, yes I am in love with the idea of filmmaking and for the past couple of weeks I am sleeping on an average 5-6 hours a day. My reality of researching, thinking what to write, to visualise scenes, locations and the list can go on is finally better than my dreams. Amazing.
Because stop smoking is a good topic I will write some more about it for your selves or your loved ones. Ok, example; you want to stop smoking. First of all you need to want to stop it, if you do everything else will come and it will be just a matter of time to finally realise to stop. Time it does not matter, saying that don’t push it and use time as an excuse! So, if you really do want to stop smoking I will suggest first starting some sports (run, swim, cycling), mainly cardio exercises for you to find your limits of fitness levels. First you might run, do few hundred meters depending your fitness level of course. By doing that you realise that you do need to do something more about your fitness. By realising that then it is your decision if you want to pursue more sports or not. By pursuing more sports automatically you will reduce smoking, as you can’t do both, so as your will to do more sports growing so as your will to not consume a lot of cigarettes. Also, at that point I will suggest to change brand of cigarettes and try to buy something that you do not enjoy as much which that will reduce your smoking intake. By doing sports and changing cigarette brand I can guarantee you that you are more than half way there. After a while you will start feeling better as you will have more lung capacity and you will just start feeling the difference, and that is where the “flexibility mind program” comes in to place. You will be strong enough to say “no” but even if you don’t it’s fine as long as you know that you will “suffer” the next day or so. When you will be ready to say “ok, I will not smoke any more” and having your friends asking you “oh, have you stop smoking?” etc then your answer will be “ no, I haven’t stop, but for the time been I am”. That on it’s own, say to your brain that “ok, I am not smoking but if I do have one or two that is fine”. To finish, stop smoking is also affects your social life for either way; non smokers will congratulate you and that will give you a boost but from the other side your smoker friends will not like it as they might be jealous of you and your determination and they will try to change your mind by offering cigarettes etc. No one said that there will be no temptations and yes you might go back of smoking again and you might do that few times but the point is that one day you will be more ready and you will finally do it. I finally have done that with my second attempt! And believe me it’s bloody worth it.
I can’t believe that I just wrote that. Two years ago I was smoking for almost twenty years and here I am suggesting a way to stop smoking. That is what I call beautiful life; full of surprises!
Two years ago no, two and a half years ago (time flies) while I was in Venice, Italy and I say Italy because for two days I was researching about Venice in California, US! How am I supposed to know about Venice in USA? I was reading documents when I actually saw the contact details!!??!! Lesson to learn, always to make sure that you are in the right website as well as country and even continent, in my situation. It just come in to my mind: so, two years and a half ago while I was in Venice I had the idea to create a restaurant in the air, looking down beautiful Venice. Coming back home – home is Brighton, UK NOT USA – I was making a research, having an air-balloon with seating to dine, drink etc. To make a seven – eight month story sort after a lot and I mean a lot of hours I come up with the concept of creating an active Eco-park which is based in the principles of Social Entrepreneurship – taking in to consideration profit alongside with environmental and social benefits. The idea was to find a sponsorship and/or to find funding from Europe, which I am telling you that it will be easier for me to speak perfectly and with pronunciation English than to get even noticed from various organisations. Anyway, going back to my latest challenge/idea; my point is that everything starts with an idea and it is up to us to develop it and pursue it. And that is what I WILL do.
As far as I am aware no one made anything like that and of course that makes it even more special ( daaa!). I love being a pioneer, regardless if the idea will take over and make lots of money or not, as with other projects/ideas of mine from architecture designs to commercial interior designs, from eco- homes to my beautiful eco-park. And now my documentary; I have also invented a micro- wind turbine but I might tell you more about it some other time. It just come to my mind a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that someone gave it to me long time ago: “ Simple minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas “ In case of you wondering, I am the last one…! So, I guess I have a lot of researching, learning and thinking to do. Speak soon.
So, here I am practising Reiki on my self laying at my bed with Gata (my cat) while she is having a little snooze at my feet. The past months I realise that by taking time for self-healing (at least an hour) helps me to find answers or even to create more deep questions. Don’t push it or try to hard, it will come, and it’s like having conversation with another person- can call it higher self, Reiki guide or your Guardian Angel- even some times I was laughing, in the beginning, of course I was a bit conscious about me laughing with my own thoughts (ok I know I have a good imagination but that was more than that!), as well as having Gata looking at me thinking that I am start loosing the plot. Of course after some time you realise that all that are just special moments and a glibsh of the potential of how you can actually make your self be; relaxed, calm, happy and open. No bad thoughts is the main key, where you actually no man can touch you, speak to you, no thoughts can pollute your mind and no circumstances can make you feel bad. This is your time; your moment of beautiful and positive thoughts that no one and nothing- part from your own self- can take away form you. Even when you do have some not-positive thoughts what I do is to imagine an air-balloon with a basket big or small enough to fit my negative thoughts, and then let the balloon take these thoughts up and away from you. And do not worry where the balloon goes!!
I had that feeling since my Reiki 1, four months ago but now days as have been attuned to Reiki 2 is even stronger, I feel more focus as well as I continue to get to knowing the ki (energy in Japanese). Since Reiki come in to my life or to be precise since I was ready for the Reiki to found me, I haven’t stop practising Reiki to myself as well as to any opportunity to others. , happy as … me! Everything goes fantastically well, I am healthy; bit of pain from my resent hernia operation but I have Reiki for that and not only for that. Aaa, I haven’t mention my operation; But first it all started with me trying to be fit. There I was, having stopped smoking or to be honest I did had one every so often but that was nothing in comparing my one or one and a half packet of red Marlboro (make an advert!) a day, for almost twenty years. I started swimming thanks to my girlfriend at that time – bless her- who told me how to swim properly. Ha, amazing but when the time came to take different paths I was start again smoking, drinking etc. Until I realise that I need to stop smoking for myself and myself only. It is lovely having the person that you love pushing you to stop bad habits and so on, but is essential for you to want to do it. So, there I was after months feeling and looking at my best as I was never in to any kind of sports since I came to England eleven years ago with my only exercise was to “socialise” with the opposite sex! While I was swimming I had the idea to take part in a swim competition as I could see that I was bloody good at it; as they say, natural. Again to make a long story sort I was preparing to take part to the local Aquathlon, which consists from swim-run-swim. As I was pushing more my self and my body, while I was swimming I felt something close to my groin area …it's called hernia! And that was the end of my fitness regime at that time… which I will go back as soon as I will be 100%.
A week ago I experience as an observer Reiki 1 and 2 atunaments from my potential Master/Teacher. I say recently because it took me few days as I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to write that information or not. So to start from the beginning, I found that website which appeal to me as it was “clean”, meaning not a lot of texting, few nice pictures and that’s it, pass. So after that I analyse the information about courses along side with Lineage (was the 7 from Usui), and price checking (£450, a reasonable fee), I decide to send an email for a potential Reiki/Master course. To my surprise I got an invitation for a Reiki 1-2 class for me to see if I like his teaching methods which I found that is very noble thing to do as you need, you must like your Master’s techniques, teaching and so on. So, how fantastic start was that? Beautiful! Now, every day that I wake up, I wake up with a smile to a new day and for sure I do not believe what some people say that ”you can tell if it will be a nice day from early morning”. I just mention that because my little journey up to London started with one of the fellow passengers stinking of alcohol started being loud and bothering few young girls, just few seats from me. Someone else got involved and after I got involved for the youngster to calm down as the whole couch’s energy was very bad and smelly!! While he was probably on his way to annoy some other people of another couch and just before passing the door, he turn and said “ …and what do you care … and you (me), with the new Italian hair cut!!”. Bless him! Anyway I was start thinking by practising Reiki on me that the rest of the day will be wonderful; until I arrived in London and I couldn’t find the place!! I ask at least a dozen of people with half of them not knowing and the other half thinking that they know, but they didn’t – Anyway, I will not make a comment about it. So after forty minutes going in circles I finally found it. I went in hot flashed as I was and ask the one of the beautiful young ladies behind the reception desk which very politely she pointed almost two stories down!! Mmmm! Went down stairs, found the room 3 and full of joy that that was it I open the door to a not my opinion very welcoming environment as it looked that I was there for a seminar or any other part from Reiki course. Not a sign of candles, any background music, incense or any other to suggest relaxation or any kind of spiritualism. But I was not there to judge the Master/Teacher or the surroundings, I was there to see how he teaches, the theory and beliefs as well as the practise. Of course by mentioning that what I realise by the first 5 minute break that I completely disagree with his method of teaching, as being strict, was keep mentioning that method is the original as it is the Japanese, not the Western Reiki which I politely and respectfully I open an argument about those things which I could tell that he wasn’t very happy as well as I could feel the energy of the other students by …… some question marks at their mind but it is up to them if they want to find out more by going a bit deeper. But by seeing and felting that as well as talking with a lovely lady that I met there named Jenny made me to bite my tang and not to make other comments as well as the next day to send an email to the Master/Teacher that I decide to not get the Master/Teacher Level with him as I disagree with the teaching theory and methods that he uses. It is very important to agree with your Master’s teachings as that they will be the base of your teachings and beliefs. The method, you can alter the method and to make it according your personality and character but why to spend an “x” amount of money for one or two days course if you don’t like the environment, or methods. You do worth of having the most appropriate environment, a welcoming, spiritual and full of love environment which every word and every move that the Master makes is magic, is inspiring you and reinsuring you that You are at the right place with the right Master. Of course there is a “tiny” detail that when you don’t know better you can’t have an opinion of comparing different methods as I did with both of my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Master’s being lovely with different levels of spiritualism and effort of passing the gift of Reiki.
I was looking for a Master that needs to be not that expensive but not cheap as the quality might not be there. The same for the Lineage, at my Level 1 because I didn’t know a lot about Reiki I haven’t bothered looking about the Lineage (the pedigree), but now that I do know more I am looking for someone closer to the original teachings which of course that might means more pricey. With my experience I will recommend you to ask, just ask of how the Master teaches, ask if you can just observe for an hour or so just enough to get the feel, the connection if there is any. I found it very important to connect with your Master especially of what I have been through and try to listen to your instinct.
All atoms in the universe have a vibrational motion, and each motion/vibratory information has a frequency (number of cycles/ per second), measured in Hertz. Like the human body which has a unique energy system.
Can be measured by an electro-myograph which body’s biological frequency is around 250 c/sec. There are other instruments or/and methods such such as the Electrocardiogram , Magnetic Resonance Images, and other spectroscopic methods. For measuring the human body’s vibrations can use a frequency meter; an instrument used to conducting studies as well as to finding where an energy is blocked by reading the frequency levels. Or there is the Kirlian camera that can detect by a photo the vibrations of our aura and other.
It is known that a healthy body has a frequency of between 62-72 MHz. Anything below those frequencies the body will begin to have as a consequence , a flow, cold, “low energy levels”, headaches, and so on.
The more of vibrations that we have the more healthier we are; High vibrations mean vibrant health which we can increase them by different ways. Nutrition, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound therapy and Energy healing therapy.
choose life;  suggestions to improving your well being by raising your body's vibrations.
Choose to be kind, first to your self and then the others.
Choose to be happy.
Choose to be grateful
Choose super foods, like nuts, berries (blueberries, acai, gogi), raw foods (cacao nibs, veggies) and nutrient-dense foods, like lacto-fermented vegetables and kefir.
Choose different vibrantly coloured vegetables and fruits.
Choose to drink pure water.
Choose an exercise, or two, or three.
Choose to be out at the daylight, as it has a direct effect on circadian rhythms and, consequently, on performance and well-being.
…But most of all,
Choose to love, first your self and then the others.
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